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Short Cycle Programmes (Associate's Degree)

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General Description
The Air Conditioning and Cooling Technology Department, which is one of the basic departments of the Technical Sciences Vocational School of Yozgat Bozok University, was established in 2009 within the body of Bozok University. Basic education principle of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Department; By combining current, scientific and technological studies, the student is trained to meet the requirements of the technological era in the field of electricity and educates the intermediate staff desired by the sector. The language of education is Turkish.
Qualification Awarded
Upon successful completion of the program by fulfilling all the requirements, graduates receive "Associate Degree Diploma in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration". This degree awarded corresponds to the 5th level education level within the framework of the European Qualifications framework.
Level of Qualification (Short Cycle , First Cycle , Second Cycle, Third Cycle)
Short Cycle
Specific Admission Requirements
Admission and registration requirements for this program are made within the scope of the Turkish Higher Education Legislation. Graduate students who take vocational high schools and all high school graduates are placed in the program according to the results of Entrance Exam to Higher Education. Placement is done by ÖSYM. The registration requirements are the same as for the Higher Education Entry System.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
Recognition of previous formal (formal) learning in Turkish Higher Education institutions, vertical, horizontal, and within the university, within the university, "TRANSITION BETWEEN PROGRAMS AT THE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTE AND BETWEEN UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS, DOUBLE MAINAL, CREDITS BETWEEN INSTITUTIONS AND TRANSFER TO INSTITUTIONS "REGULATION". based on non-formal certification outside formal educational institutions in Turkey or based on experience (in-formal and non-formal) recognition of the learning process it is at an early stage. For this reason, recognition of prior learning has not been fully initiated in all programs of Bozok University. However, exemption exams are held at the beginning of each academic term for courses such as Computer and English and German in the education plans of the programs. Students who think that they provide the qualifications expected from these courses have the right to take exams. Students who take the exam and succeed are exempt from the related courses in the curriculum.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Students who successfully complete the two-year (four semesters) education and training courses (120 ECTS in total) and 30 working days of compulsory vocational internship will receive an associate degree.
Profile of The Programme
This program is to train technicians responsible for the establishment, operation and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and cooling facilities in houses, offices and industrial facilities. These trained technicians aim to meet the need for intermediate staff with sufficient technical knowledge and practical skills between Mechanical Engineers and skilled workers and technicians. Even in some small and medium-sized enterprises, technicians can become the senior technical staff of the company and thus take the leadership and management role. On the other hand, students who have completed this program are successful in the vertical transfer exam with the central system and they can continue to the Energy Systems Engineering of the 4-year Technology Faculties or Mechanical Engineering departments of the Engineering Faculties. The training period of the program is two years.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
They are employed in all private sector and public institutions that serve / receive, produce in areas with air conditioning, cooling and ventilation. Example: Arçelik refrigerator factory, climate, air conditioning and cooling services, cold warehouses and companies that manufacture and install cold stores, companies that manufacture commercial refrigerators, companies that manufacture and install ventilation ducts, air conditioning and ventilation project design offices, factories, shopping malls, in business centers, hotels etc. places.
Access to Further Studies
Candidates who successfully complete their associate degree education can continue to Mechanical Engineering and Energy systems engineering departments if they pass the DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) exam.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
In order for each student to register for classes at the beginning of the semester and to take the final exam, they must have attended at least 70% of the courses and at least 80% of the practices. For each course, students are subjected to mid-term studies (midterm, quiz, homework, project, application or similar studies) and final exam. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. In the semesters, one midterm and one final exam are held. The student's grade is determined by adding 40% of the midterm and 60% of the final exam.
Graduation Requirements
Students who successfully complete all 120 ECTS equivalent courses in the program and achieve a GPA of at least 2.0 out of 4.00 are eligible to graduate. In addition to successfully completing the courses, conducting an internship is also a must for graduation.
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Mode of Study (Full-Time, Part-Time, E-Learning )
Address, Programme Director or Equivalent
Address: Bozok University Vocational School of Technical Sciences Bahçaşehir neighborhood, Esentepe Mevki, 66200, YOZGAT Phone: +90 (354) 217 ​​50 64 - 217 17 81 Document Passes: +90 (354) 217 ​​17 80 E-Mail: Teknikbilimermyo @ bozok. Web Address:
Computer class is used for air-conditioning and cooling laboratory with applied courses and project and design courses. In the workshop, applications are made to help students understand the working principles of cooling devices.

Key Learning Outcomes
1Recognize the electrical control and automatic control circuits to be used in related systems and make their connections.
2It can act in the sense of professional ethics and responsibility at the stage of detection and solution of the problems encountered.
3Basic principles of first aid to apply first aid rules, injuries, fractures, to provide basic life support to provide injured safety, working to provide emergency patient dislocations and sprains, other rules to apply patient or injured, to apply first aid in emergency situations
4Basic projection and appearance drawing drawings Basic geometric drawings, drawing perspective drawings are drawn images, drawing applications with basic drawing commands for drawing two and three dimensional cooling / air conditioning electrical circuit diagram, computer-aided
5To be able to explain the basic concepts, principles and principles related to the air conditioning and cooling profession.
6To have knowledge of basic mathematical and physical issues.
7Recognition of the systems applied in the field of air conditioning and cooling and designing according to the application area.
8To be able to recognize the main elements and accessories used in air conditioning and cooling systems and to explain their functions.
9Reads projects related to air conditioning and cooling systems, can draw computer aided.
10It can follow the technological developments in its field and automation facilities can be used.
11Gaining lifelong learning skills and monitoring and learning contemporary and current issues.
12Using a foreign language at least at the European Language Portfolio A2 General Level, they can follow the information in their field and communicate with their colleagues.
13Have the knowledge and skills of testing, measurement, maintenance, diagnostics, repair and preventive maintenance required to ensure the efficient operation of existing and new systems.
14Gains the ability to prepare, present and perform scientific research on topics related to the profession.
15Has the knowledge about the basic business, quality and environment related to the profession.
16To comprehend professional and ethical responsibility and to work and / or to lead in a team of various disciplines.
17To comprehend the knowledge and skills in the field of Plumbing on the qualifications gained in general or vocational secondary education and to make the necessary applications with the related tools and equipment.
18Being environmentally friendly and protecting the environment

Key Programme Learning Outcomes - NQF for HE in Turkey
TYYÇKey Learning Outcomes
COMPETENCES (Competence to Work Independently and Take Responsibility)1
COMPETENCES (Learning Competence)1
COMPETENCES (Communication and Social Competence)1
COMPETENCES (Field Specific Competence)1

Course Structure Diagram with Credits
1. Semester
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
2. Semester
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
3. Semester
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
4. Semester
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
1 İKLY1105 ENGLISH I Elective 2
2 İKLY1106 GERMAN I Elective 0
3 İKLY1107 FRENCH I Elective 0
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
No Course Unit Code Course Unit Title Type of Course ECTS
1 IKLY2105 ENGLISH II Elective 2
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