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Student Associations

There are many student clubs on campus which help students spend efficiently their free time in various activities. These clubs are of great importance in fostering the interests and knowledge of our students in various fields as well as building and improving their social skills in a participatory, productive and collaborative way under the Department of Health, Culture and Sport.  These associations keep their activities with and academic advisor. The branches of these clubs are sport, different occupations and artistic and new branches are added according to the demands coming from the students. Students organize various concert, panel, symposium, movie watching and e.g. so our university is has various facilities for the students regarding the associations. We have 40 associations totally and some of the associations are as below;

Photography and Cinema Associations
Drama Associations
Young Tema Associations
Chemistry Associations
Music Associations
Language-History Associations
Turkish Folk Dances Associations
Energy Associations
Travel and Nature Associations
Administration and Economics Associations
Biology Associations
Turkish Associations

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