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Turkey / Yozgat


Yozgat is one of the oldest centers of populations. There found 5000 year old artifacts in Alişar Mound. Yozgat hosted Hittites, Phrygian, Cimmerians, Persians, Cappadocia Kingdom, Galatians, East Roma and Islam armies. Yozgat has the peculiarity to be the crowded center of population of the Hittites, which established the first politic union in Anatolia and accepted as the start for Anatolia History Period.

Yozgat is located on the Bozok Plateau with 1320 meter altitude. Yozgat being one of the essential capitals, is located within the important road crossings.

The Royal Road, connecting east and west; the Kadim Road connecting south (Adana) and north (Samsun) is passing through Sorgun, a district of Yozgat. Then the Silk Road of Seljukians and Ottoman Era’s roads and army’s roads pass on the earth of this city.


Yozgat is 3 hours far away with capital city Ankara and 2 hours away from Kayseri by highway. There are 13 districts of Yozgat which are called as Akdağmadeni, Aydıncık, Boğazlıyan, Çandır, Çayıralan, Çekerek, Kadışehri, Saraykent, Sarıkaya, Sorgun, Şefaatli, Yenifakılı and Yerköy.

Yozgat is a city of culture with its cultural, natural and thermal resources, folk songs, customs and traditions and kitchen culture. The famous folk songs of “Hastane Önünde İncir Ağacı”, “Çamlığın Başında Tüter Bir Tütün”, “Asker Yolu Beklerim”, “Yeşil Ayna”, “Aynalı Körük” “Yozgat Sürmelisi” are identified with the city Yozgat.

The most outstanding richness of the city is the thermal water sources; Yozgat is a hot spring city. The Sarıkaya, Sorgun Yerköy hot springs are famous with healing especially for rheumatism pains, calcification, hernia, spastic pains renal calculus and skin diseases.

The Çamlık National Park, the first national park of Turkey, is worth mentioning with its flora and animal species, the high numbers of the endemics, Caucasian pine and black pines.

The Kazankaya Valley, suitable for many nature tourism in Aydıncık and the Yozgat Houses like Nizamoğlu Mansion which was established at 1871 and now is in service as a museum with 7682 different archeological and ethnographic works, Behramşah Castle (Akdağmadeni), Watch Tower, Karabıyık Bridge and Sarıkaya Rome Historical Ruins are the vital historical heritages. 

The The Keskenez Ruins Pteria (Ancient City), Büyüknefes (Tavium), Çadırhöyük (Sorgun Peyniryemez Village), Yenifakılı Damlalı Underground Complex are the ancient time open air museums of the city.

Karslıoğlu Mansion, Hayri İnal Mansion, Miralay Şerifbey Mansion (Sakarya Primary School now), Muteber Divanlıoğlu Mansion, Salim Korkmaz Mansion, Hacı Ozan Mansionare the cornerstones for mansion cultures of the city. Çapanoğlu Mosque, Başçavuş Mosque, Osmanpaşa Emirci Sultan Tomb, Çandır-Şah Sultan Hatun Tomb, Çayıralan Çerkez Bey Tomb are the rare examples from Islamic period. 

Then Akdağmadeni Church raises the attraction and worth of the city regarding religious tourism.
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